This minimally invasive procedure is also used to treat stones in the ureters. Since it does not require an incision, it involves inserting a fiberoptic ureter scope directly into the opening in the urethra, through the bladder and into the ureter. Through it, a Surgeon can view the stone and pass instruments to remove or fragment it.

This is a day surgery procedure that involves anaesthesia and placement of a stent in the ureter while healing takes place.

Ureteroscopy allows for precise visualization of kidney stones in any part of the urinary system. Powerful laser energy is delivered through tiny fiberoptic wires that can be placed through the channel of the ureteroscope to break even the hardest stones into small fragments.

After the stone has been adequately fragmented only small pieces remain that can easily pass out of the ureter without causing any pain or discomfort.  Larger pieces can be manually removed using tiny “baskets” that also fit through the channel of the ureteroscope. The entire surgery is performed without any incisions or blood loss.

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