Five stars for Dr. Yusuf! I want to thank him for not just the successful prostrate surgery of my uncle who was really suffering but also for the patience, kindness and the time he gave for answering the queries of overtly anxious relatives . Being a medical professional myself I asked around quite a lot and zeroed in on Dr. Yusuf after getting excellent reports from other medicos. It is not just his surgical skills but also his humility and patience that makes him the top urologist. The surgery was smooth and the recovery, postop care and followup were with lots of care and attention. Thank you so much, sir!

Devikaa Manghnani: Mumbai

Prostate Surgery

Really great doctor. I want to thank him not only for the successful surgery of my father but also for his kind nature. He is always ready to help us. He helped us with our financial condition and he had done the best of his side and gave full support to us. Thank you so much Dr Yusuf Saifi!!!

Mr Mayur Solanki: Indore

Bladder cancer

Best words to explain Dr. Saifee are: He is a beautiful soul, who occupied in the restoration of health to other men, by the exertion of skill and humanity, is above all the great of the. He even partakes of divinity, since to preserve and renew almost as noble as to create. He is a young, dynamic, domain, having tremendous potential and above all, he is humble nature. I must tell you that you are an extraordinary doctor but if you are an extraordinary human being. I went to him my father’s treatment of Prostate cancer, he did his best in the pain, diminish the growth of cells causing increase PSA and deteriorating my father’s health. He gave us a ray of and palliate pain and gave soothe to the patient actual may be in the hands of God but making a patient in recovery lies only in the hands of awesome doctors you. Thanks for helping me Dr. Yusuf Sir.

Madhusudan Dave:Ratlam

Prostate Cancer Surgery

Really great and kind doctor. My father was suffering from prostate gland cancer before 1 year but now he recovered and living a happy life. He coordinate with our financial condition and always ready to help us during emergency . He had done a great job and guide about us all the surgeries. We are very very thankful to Dr. Yusuf saifi..He proved that doctor is just like god.

Sunil Maheshwari

Dr. Yusuf is an amazing down to earth human being. He operated my father. He did a spectacular surgery and also made sure that he had a very speedy and comfortable recovery. He was available to answer our concerns in the day and in the late hours of night. He made sure he answered all our questions even if asked multiple times. He was very polite and Humble.

Alifiya Safdari, California, USA

Thank you for giving us the best suggestions, medications and treatment. You gave me much of less painful treatment for a 5.6mm kidney stone without operation. The recovery was really quick. Thank you for being to kind, calm, patience and selecting the best route of treatment for me.

Mr Arvind Boricha; Mumbai

I would like to use this platform to express my sincere gratitude to doctor Yusuf saify for the successful prostrate surgery of my father in law. The respect and the trust that I have for this young dynamic renowned yet so humble and down to earth doctor has increased manifold. He is a wonderful soul very kind and passionate and so caring who keep his patients above everything. We know that Allah is the one who heals but he is blessed with this power of healing .He is a perfectionist and he takes utmost care in pre and post surgery .He is so easily approachable just a call away. His support at every step is amazing. He has made this journey of healing smooth and stress free .I pray to Allah for his well being and success. May the almighty bless him and keep him smiling and happy always. I would recommend to go for the best – Dr.Yusuf Saifee

Mrs. Nisrin Amjehrawala: Indore

Prostate Surgery

मेरा नाम जितेन्द्र वैष्णव बैरागी है। मेरे पिताजी को गत वर्ष 2018 में पता चला कि उन्हें किडनी में ट्यूमर है। इस गंभीर बिमारी को सुनकार वो हताश हो गये थे… उन्होने इंदौर, भोपाल जाकर डाक्टरो से इलाज के सम्बन्ध में सलाह ली जिसमे आपरेशन से इस बीमारी का उपचार बताया जो कि एक चिंता का विषय था और आपरेशन की राशि 150000-200000 तक खर्च होना बताया..उनकी राय से पिताजी असंतुष्ट थे। . जिसके बाद हमारी आकस्मिक तौर पर मुलाकात चोईथराम हास्पिटल में नियुक्त सर डां युसुफ सैफी से हुई जिस पर सैफी सर की समझाइस से मेरे पिता आपरेशन करवाने के लिए प्रभावित हुए जो कि पहले अन्य डाक्टरो की राय से असंतुष्ट थे… मै स्वयं उनके चिकित्सकीय कार्य करने के तौर तरीके से प्रेरित हुआ हूँ । व्यस्त कार्यशैली के पश्चात भी सर सैफी अपने हर आपरेशन को युद्ध स्तर की तरह करते हैं…. मेरी नजर में आज के समय में डां युसुफ सर युवा चिकित्सक के रूप में प्रेरणा स्त्रोत है। मेरे पिताजी का आपरेशन जिसका खर्च पहले २००००० रू बताया था वो सर ने अपनी आधुनिक तकनीक लेपरस्कोपी के माध्यम से १००००० रू के भीतर संभव किया। जिसके सफल परिणाम आज पिताजी के आपरेशन हेतु हमारे सभी अनुयायीयो के समक्ष है,….. अत्याधिक बेहतर, होनहार, कर्मठ चिकित्सक के साथ साथ सभी मानवीय गुणो से परिपूर्ण डाँ युसुफ सैफी सर का धन्यवाद जितना किया जाए उतना कम है मैं और मेरा परिवार सदैव उनका आभारी रहेगा।…. आज मेरे पिता स्वस्थ जीवन की और पुलिस विभाग में सक्रिय भूमिका निभा रहे हैं।… जैसे कि वह आपरेशन से पहले अदा करते थे।,,,,,,, और मेरा मानना है कि सभी चिकित्सकीय क्षेत्र से जुड़े नवीन डॉक्टरो को सैफी सर की चिकित्सकीय कार्यशैली से प्रेरणा लेना चाहिए।

Mr. Suryansh Jitendr Vaishnav: Guna(M.P)

Kidney Cancer Surgery

मेरे पापा प्रोस्टेट की बीमारी से पीड़ित थे हमने पापा का कोटा व अन्य कई डॉक्टरों से इलाज कराया लेकिन आराम नहीं मिला बीमारी और बढ़ गई थी फिर हमने इंदौर में डॉ यूसुफ सैफी जी से मुलाकात हुई डॉक्टर सैफी जी ने प्रोस्टेट का सफल इलाज सफल ऑपरेशन किया और प्रोस्टेट की गांठ की जांच के बाद हमें पता चला कि उसमें कैंसर है और इन्फेक्शन काफी बढ़ चुका था इससे हमारी हिम्मत टूट गई थी डॉक्टर सैफी जी ने हमारी हिम्मत को बांदा और एक अच्छा ट्रीटमेंट दिया जिससे मेरे पापा की बीमारी चमत्कारिक रूप से ठीक हो चुकी है डॉ यूसुफ सैफी जी बहुत ही दयालु और मिलनसार व्यक्तित्व के धनी हैं डॉ यूसुफ सैफी जी का पवित्र मन और उनकी मरीज के प्रति आस्था कि आप ठीक हो जाओगे इसी आस्था का परिणाम है कि मेरे पापा 82 साल की उम्र में भी गंभीर बीमारी का ठीक हो जाना चमत्कार ही है डॉ यूसुफ सैफी जी हमारे लिए भगवान से भी बढ़कर हैं डॉ यूसुफ सैफी जी का हमारा परिवार हमेशा ऋणी रहेगा आप डॉक्टर के रूप में भगवान ही हैं

Govind Soni: Guna(M.P.)

Prostate cancer Surgery

I can confidently say that first time in India I came across a doctor who is not only great at his work but he is a great human being, provide a lots of time to their patients which is completely missing in today’s India’s healthcare system. Answering all their questions and provide the right/correct guidance. Anyone can prescribe the medicine as per the book but providing the right guidance/suggestion/consultation is priceless and cannot be found in books. He is currently treating my dad and he has not only answered my questions over Whatsapp but also gave me his valuable time and talked to me over the phone and explained me everything. I resides in USA and have experience with USA doctors and can say that Dr. Yusuf Saifee meets all the international norms and on a par with any international Dr

Mr Manoj Malviya : Washington, USA

I am really thankful to Dr.Yusuf. He has helped my mother with her IC problem which was very painful for around 2 years. After consulting many top Doctors my Dr. friend in UK directed me to Dr. Yusuf. Dr. Yusuf’s advice and prescription helped my mother. She is in much better condition.

Mr Abbasi Gandhi: London

डा यूशूफ सेफि ने मेरे दोस्त सफल प्रोस्टेट का ऑपरेशन किया हम दूसरे भी कहीं भी डॉक्टर बहुत सारे डॉक्टर के पास गए थे लेकिन उनके जैसा आप फ्रेंडली नेचर कभी भी नहीं हमें मिला डॉक्टर यह सुन ले मेरी दोस्त का सही ऑपरेशन कर उनकी हर एक तकलीफ दूर के साथ में वह पेशेंट के साथ बहुत सारी रिलेशनशिप रखते हैं कभी भी कोई मेडिसिन है किसी भी बारे में बाद में कभी भी पूछना हो तो वह हमेशा फोन पर और WhatsApp पर WhatsApp पर बराबर आंसर दिया है सबसे फाइंड बात यह है कि उस सेफि की नियत हमेशा पेशेंट को जल्द से जल्द ठीक करने कर देने पर होती है वह सक्सेसफुल डॉक्टर होने के नाते एक नेक इंसान भी है रियली हम सब बहुत लकी है कि डा यूशूफ सेफि जैसे सफल पुरा अच्छे नेकदिल इंसान इंदौर में

Mr Rameshwar yadav: Kasravd(M.P.)

Prostate cancer surgery

I have recommended many patients to Dr Yusuf, and they all can’t praise enough. He has genuine care and concern for his patients, nor only did he check during the patient stay in the hospital but he also called personally after release to make sure if the patient is OK or had any questions or problems. He’s very reachable and explains the issue in a very simple terms.

Mrs Maryam Dairkee: Banglore

Dr. Yusuf Saifee is not only an amazing doctor but also an amazing human being with a golden heart. The care and concern that they have for their patients is amazing and cannot be explained in words.

Mr Haider Naalwala: Indore

Kidney Stone Surgery


Medayil Devarajan Akhil Raj: Kerela

Prostate problem

Dr. Yusuf Saifee is not only an amazing doctor but also an amazing human being with a golden heart. The care and concern that they have for their patients is amazing and cannot be explained in words.

Mr Haider Naalwala: Indore

Kidney Stone Surgery

I am Quaid from Ujjain. I am very thankful to Dr Yusuf Saify for the best given by him to there patients.He is the best Dr in urocare and uro surgery apart from this he is an excellent human being also.I took my father in law for his prostate treatment and he has done the best of his side and take care and gave full support to us.I had never seen any Dr in my life who cares patients like Dr Yusuf Saify. May God bless him long and healthy life

Mr. Quaid Joher Crockery Wala: Ujjain

Prostate cancer Surgery

Best urologist of Indore and we are happy now doctor is available at Mumbai also. Always at it’s best.wish you all the best and had a great success always.

Mr Mustafa: Mumbai

My wife is suffer from pain, Dr. Yusuf Safee advise CT sacan , He told me small stone in both kidney, Big stone in ureteric, He done surgery smoothly, my wife told me she first fear , but now she feel good.And we are so glad that we made the right decision.We were fortunate enough to have Dr Yusuf Saifee around, he not only did allay our fears but, despite me not being around he took great care of my wife, the surgery went smoothly. Not to mention, he took high degree of pre op and post op care.Me and my Family are really grateful to him for his kind gesture. Dr Yusuf is not only an Excellent Surgeon but, a Great Human too. Thank You.

Rajeev Kumar: Kanpur

Kidney Stone Surgery

Dr Yusuf Saifee is highly learned, extensively trained at Best Centres of India and Abroad and Excellently Skilled through his diligence and knowledge. He is among the very few esteemed UroSurgeons in India, who does Complicated Surgeries through Minimally Invasive Techniques and Robotic Surgeries. And still so humble, kind and gives you full ear, despite being so occupied. Even when my Infant baby required surgery, I had trusted him only for it and I am so grateful for it.
Wish him many more achievements.

Dr Burhan Jawadwala: Mumbai

I tried many uro specialist/surgeon, but finally got the best solution at Dr. Yusuf. His international experience and positive approach, helps in better treatment and recovery.
Thanks a lot Dr.

Husain dini : Pune

Dr Saifee is a Very capable doctor. He uses his knowledge and experience both and apply on patient with care. Don’t give unnecessary medicine when not required. He is great blend of having good old values of the doctors and great knowledge of modern era medicine and treatment. I am highly impressed with his service with a smile attitude.

Mr. Muneendra: Mumbai

Yes, I must highly recommend To Dr Yusuf Saifee. The best onco-Urologist the best advice and working with best team taking opinions from All over India. Recently , taken my Uncle to him. We are on with his procedures at Saifee Hospital

Mr. Mohammad; Mumbai

Dr Yusuf saifee is one of the best urologist in India.He is a good listener ,approachable, nice and kind.He offers best economical treatment for his patients.

Dr. Mubina Tankiwala: Dubai

I m really thankful to Dr.yusuf Saifee sir. Because he has done my mother’s uratric calculus surgery…He treated my mother like as a family member ..he is well aware about all problems related to urology….really great Dr. I want to say lots of thanks to him for surgery and also his kind nature…thank you so much Dr….extremely satisfied with surgery done by you😊

Pooja Goyal: Indore

Ureteric Stone Surgery

Excellence of Urology is with Dr Yusuf Saify Sir. One of the best Urologist.

Mr. Amit Kumar: Indore

“Miracles are people with good heart.”
This quote sums up Dr. Yusuf Saifee, a great human being, a wonderful doctor and a most reliable friend. A wonderful doctor who places the lives of his patients before everything. One of the few who is blessed with touch of healing. An achiever throughout and always. And above all a very humble human being and friend who is always there.Wishing him all the success always and forever.

Rashida- Kuwait

Yaa he is purest soul. he easy to understood what r problem . He so calm and he done her work with pease and love .everyone is feared by Opration word but after dr talk u dont worry about it

Anamika Bhardwaj: Indore

Kidney Stone Surgery

Really great doctor. I want to thank him not only for the successful surgery of my father but also for his kind nature. He is always ready to help us. He helped us with our financial condition and he had done the best of his side and gave full support to us. Thank you so much Dr Yusuf Saifi!!!

Sunita Solanki: Bhopal

Bladder cancer Surgery

डॉ यूसुफ शेफ़ी ने मे यानी राहुल वाकड़े का किडनी का ओर पथरी का ऑपरेशन किया हम दूसरे भी बहुत से डॉक्टर के पास गए थे लेकिन उनके जैसा फ्रेंडली neture कही भी हमे नही मिला । उन्हीने मेरा सही ऑपरेशन कर के मेरी सारी तकलीफे दूर कर दी है वो पेशेंट के साथ दोस्त भाई पिता के जैसा व्यवहार करते है डॉ का यही मानना है कि पेशेंट को जल्द से जल्द ठीक करे , वो एक सक्सेसफुल डॉ होने के नाते एक नेक इंसान भी है हम सब बहुत ही लकी है कि डॉ यूसुफ शेफ़ी जैसे नेक दिल डॉ इंदौर में है बहुत बहुत शुक्रिया डॉ साहब आपका , में जितनी तारीफ करू उतनी कम है वो भगवान से कम नही है

Mr Rahul Wakde : Indore

Kidney Stone Surgery

डॉ युसुफ सेफी सर ने मेरे पिताजी का आप्रेशन किया है, मे ओर मेरे पिताजी बहोत संतुष्ट हैं, हम उनके आभारी हैं., भगवान उन्हें बहोत तरक्की अदा करे..राधाकृष्ण यादव, जिला बड़वानी म. प्र

Deepaklove Yadav : Barwani

Prostae cancer Surgery

I have lots of respect for doc.saify …doctor with human face which is hardly can find in urology department in choithram … doc. Saify is not only a good human being bt a efficient doctor too, any kind of problem, he is always available for his patients even on wtsapp or phone call. I am alone with my ill husband bt his huble nature n efficient effort make all treatments easier for us in this whole year …. god bless u sir..9826037661

Mrs Nasim Qaiyyum : Indore

Prostate Problem

Intelligence, Professionalism, Conscientiousness!! The words Describes him well

Mr Mustafa Shah: Indore

Prostate Surgery

Dr Yusuf saifee sir is one of the best uro surgeon in Indore. I. am very much thankful not only for the successful surgery of my elder brother but also for his royal nature. He always done the best for his patient in proper way. He is very polite and cooperative in all respect. Dr. Yusuf is not a good doctor but extraordinary human being.Thank you very much Dr. Yusuf Saifee sir.
Indermal Jain

Mr Indermal Jain: Indore

Kidney Stone Surgery

I came to him for my wife’s operation for bladder tumor. The operation was successful, and the doctor also took regular follow-ups from me till months after the operation. My wife is now healthy and well, all thanks to Dr. Yusuf Saifee.

Mr. Abdul Burhani : Neemuch

Bladder tumor Surgery

I had stone problem in both kidneys and consulted so many doctors, but there was no relief in stomach pain. At last I went to Choithram Hospital Indore, in April, 2019, and consulted Dr. Yusuf Saifee there. He advised me just like an elder brother and assured me that the problem was severe but it could be treated by 1 major operation. Next day only, he operated me successfully, and discharged me after two days. Since then I am completely fine. I pray Almighty Allah to grant him more and more success in his field. Aameen.

Mr Sadiq Ali: Ujjain

Kidney Stone Surgery

Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being. Thanks for showing so much care and concern.

Farida Shabbir ali : Indore

Đr Yusuf Saifee He is The Best Urologist in India. Sir you Are The Best

Aßhishek Meena : Indore

Really a very good doctor .He is a kind hearted man who treats his patient as his own family patient . We experienced a very gud time in terms of full treatment process. He helped us in every manner he can also he is so aware to reply us for every call we made at any point of time .Have a great ful experience to have Dr Yusuf as our doctor. I suggest all to consult Dr Yusuf Saifee for any urology problem.thanku

Farida Katherine's : Dohad

Jb hme pta chla ki mere papa ko urinery bladder me ganth hai , tb hm preshan ho gye .papa ki age 81 yrs hone se hme samajh me nhi aa rha tha ki kinse operation krwaye .Fir hm Dr. Yusuf se mile jinhe m.p. ka best urologist surgeon ka award bhi mila hai .Unhone hmse bahut achchhe se bat ki .Dr Yusuf ek bahut achche dr. Hi nhi bahut achchhe insan bhi hai .wo patients ki hr tarah se help karte hai .Unhone papa ka safal operation kiya . operation ke bad bhi hme jb bhi koi pareshani hoti hai ,wo phone ya whatsapp pr hmesha reply karte hai

Anjana Kumarwat: Khandwa

Bladder Cancer

A very nice doctor….. He was always polite with us. He did all the diagnosis process very nicely. He always gave us time and also used to communicate with us properly and answered all our queries patiently. I am completely satisfied with his treatment

Radhika Talreja : Indore

Mere chote bhai ke ladke krishna pita dipak yadav ko kidney or pathari sambandit parrshani thi,din b din kam jor hota ja rha tha bhot docters ko dikhaya per koi fayada nai hua phir chovitram hospital me dr yusuf sefi ko dikhaya unke dwara kam se kam fees,me safalta purvak leaser dwara operation kiya gya dr yusif ka behaiviour bhot hi aacha hai or language bhi bhot,badiya use krte hai marijo se or samay samay par marijo se hal chal puchate he or hame jo bhi jankari leni ho mobile par bat kar santusti purwak jawab dete he dr to he lekin manwata ke pujari he

Mr Narayan: Indore

Kidney Stone Surgery

Few months back one of my family members was diagnosed with a prostate problem alongwith a high psa value. We were really worried. But the way Dr. Saifee guided us throughtout the treatment, he is now fit n completely healthy (within 2 months). Dr. Saifee is no doubt the best urologist in indore. He explains everything thoroughly n listens patiently n best of all always responds back at the earliest. Apart from a very good n experienced doctor, he is a very caring n kind person. I would recommend him to anyone looking for the best treatment related to prostate problems and i can assure that Dr. Saifee will guide u n treat u with the best and latest technology.

Mrs Maria Manakibwala: Indore

Prostate Surgery

I am very grateful to have consult with a wonderful person Mr Dr. Yusuf Saifee he has been too much supportive as far as my father case was concerned. He did my Father’s prostate surgery in a delicate way which made him back on his routine work with in a week, which was very important for his projects. Being a doctor he himself asked regularly for the routine check up of my father. Once again thanking him for such a great help to my father.


Prostate Surgery

He’s really very great doctor…with very polite and calm nature. I had stone problem which was resolved through surgery by Dr yusuf Saifee.. Now i am absolutely fine with zero problem.. All thanks to him.. I m not at all scared because he makes everything around just very positive.

Shivani Kaurav: Indore

Kidney Stone Surgery

Treatment as a family member thanks sir you are great each and every moment you will reply lakho me koi ek hota hai Jo family members ki Tarah treat karta hai hats off to you

Kapil Bhagwani: Indore

Prostate cancer Surgery

The best urologist we visited..Very genuine…a blessing to humanity. Diagnosis is extremely well done .He had successfully operated upon my father for an enlarged prostate by laser surgery. I was also given a very good post-operative care. He is very friendly and does not have the usual behavior of doctors who don’t communicate much.

Mr. Jitendra: Indore

Prostate Surgery

My father had a problem of penile cancer. Dr. Yusuf is a great experienced doctor and a great person who understood problem and explained us everything in detail. I got good care and facilities during my surgery period as well as post surgery follow up. I had a satisfied experience with the hospital and staff. Dr. Yusuf is the best dr in Indore, I will always be thankful to him for his care.

Mr Govind Panchal

Cancer Surgery

Dr.yusuf saify ne mere papa ka safal prosted ka operation kiya. Mai dusre bhi kai doctors ke pass gaya lekin dr yusuf jaisa friendly nature kahi bhi nahi mila dr.yusuf ne mere papa ka sahi operation kar unki har takleef door kar di .Sath me woh patient ke sath bahut fine relationship rakhte he Kabhi bhi koi medicine ya kisi bhi bare me baad me bhi kabhi bhi kuch puchna ho to woh hamesha phone pe aur whatsapp pe anytime baraber answer dete he . Sabse fine baat yeh he k dr.yusuf saify ki niyat hamesha patient ko jald se jald sahi shifa dilane ki hoti he. Aap ek success doctor hone ke sath ek nek dil insaan he . Really we are so lucky dr. yusuf jaise safal & good & best nek dil doctor indore me he .

Mr Mohammad Jawad: Kuwait

Prostate Surgery

Great treatment by dr. saify. he is well aware about all problems related to urology. best services provided by him.

Mr Amandeep Bhatia : Indore

Dr Saifee is very experienced Urologists. He is expert in Stone , Prostate , Urine infections & others Urological problems.

Mr Ankit: Indore

Best urology doctor in Indore with proper experience and understanding in their domain.

Mr Yashraj Nigam : Indore

I have lots Qf respect for doc.saify …doctor with human face which is hardly can find in urology department in choithram … doc. Saify is not only a good human being bt a efficient doctor too, any kind of problem, he is always available for his patients even on wtsapp or phone call. I am alone with my ill husband bt his huble nature n efficient effort make all treatments easier for us in this whole year …. god bless u sir …

Nasim Qaiyyam: Indore

Prostate Problem

First Dr. Yusuf is very kind hearted person second he is very good doctor, I am very thankful to him for the suggestions given by him and for succesful nephrectomy of my father and my nephrolithotomy . He was very kind and answer all my queries patiently.I am fully satisfied with his treatment, he gave me discharge in only one day after surgery and i am completely alright..Thanks Dr..

Taher Geenwala: Suwasra, Indore-

Kidney Stone Surgery