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What is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery. “Minimally invasive” means that instead of operating on patients through large incisions, Surgeon uses miniaturized surgical instruments Introduced through tiny cuts in the body to do the surgery.


Da Vinci Surgical Robot

The Da Vinci Robotic System consists of a magnified 3D full high-definition vision system and tiny, wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than the human wrist. The surgeon controls the robotic instruments while seated at a computer console near the operating table. Da Vinci Surgical Robot allows the surgeon to operate with enhanced vision, precision, dexterity and control.

                                                 The da Vinci Si has two separate but connected sections:

Patient Cart

This tower is positioned near the patient on the operating table. It includes four robotic arms which house the robotic instruments introduced through tiny cuts in the body. The robotic arms are like the extension of the surgeon’s hands. The Robotic instruments move in real time responding to the surgeon’s hand movements at the surgeon’s console. 7 degrees of movement offered by the robotic arms are more dexterous than the human hand

Surgeon Console

This is where the surgeon sits during the procedure. Here the surgeon is able to see a magnified 3D HD view of the of the surgical site. and carries out the procedures using the ergonomically designed instruments. The surgeon uses master controls to move the instrument arms and camera of the robotic system. The system then mimics the surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements in real time. The robotic arms precisely replicate the movements of the surgeon at the master controls, greatly enhancing accuracy, especially in small, hard-to-reach operating spaces. The system needs to be manipulated by the surgeon, and it cannot be programmed or act in any way without the surgeon’s input.

How Does The

  • Da Vinci Si Help Surgeons?

The ultimate effect of Da Vinci Robot is to give the surgeon unprecedented control in a minimally invasive environment as if Surgeon has miniaturized his body and gone inside the patient.” Utilizing this advanced technology, surgeons are able to perform a growing number of complex urological, procedures. Since these procedures can now be performed through very small incisions

Patients experience a number of benefits compared to open surgery, including:

  • Smaller Incisions

    Minimal scar formation with superior cosmetic outcome.

  • Minimal blood loss

    Minimal scar formation with superior cosmetic outcome.

  • Significantly less post-operative pain

    Significantly less post-operative pain and reduced risk of infection.

  • Faster recovery

    Faster recovery

  • 10 times magnified and a ‘3D HD’ vision

    10 times magnified and a ‘3D HD’ vision improves surgical efficiency and safety.

  • Improved access to hard-to-reach areas

    Surgeon can reach body cavities which are hard to access or see clearly with the naked eye. One example is with surgical removal of prostate cancer (radical prostatectomy), in which the prostate gland is located in a narrow pelvis.” The Robotic surgery in Indore has been rapidly adopted by hospitals in the United States and Europe for use in the treatment of a wide range of conditions.

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Is robotic surgery right for you?

Robotic surgery isn’t an option for everyone. You need to talk with your doctor about the suitability, benefits and risks of robotic surgery, and how it compares with conventional techniques, such as open or laparoscopic surgery, before making any decision.