No more long unsightly scars, prolonged or painful recovery from kidney  cancer surgeries.

The treatment of kidney cancers in early stage is surgical removal.

According to latest American and European Association of Urology Guidelines, laparoscopic approach is considered as  gold standard for renal cell carcinoma . Oncological outcomes appear to be identical and open approach is used only in patients with large tumors.

Laparoscopic approach leads to faster recovery with less pain and early return to normal life. Expertise is required to bring out successful results on these patients and the proficiency of the surgeon can do wonders to the patient .

We routinely do  Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy. Kidney removed radically as done in cancer surgery (along with all of its fat, adrenal) through few tiny incisions.  This minimally invasive approach helped in avoiding traditional big incisions/cuts for  major surgical diseases, which could have led to big scars, more pain, more suffering.

Lets conquer cancer through health education, early detection and correct treatment!

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