About Dr Yusuf Saifee

  • Dr. Yusuf Saifee is a Consultant Urologist and kidney transplant surgeon, practicing for more than ten years and having a large experience of over 5000 surgeries .. He is a versatile surgeon with rich experience across a gamut of Urological surgeries, including endoscopic laser surgery for kidney stones, endoscopic surgery for prostate and urine problems.
  • Laparoscopic and Robotic surgery for urological cancers and Kidney Transplantation.
  • Dr Yusuf Saifee received his medical education and extensive surgical experience from various premier institutes situated at New Delhi & Ahmedabad(1998-2016). He is a Gold Medalist and recipient of multiple awards, honors, and international fellowships.
  • Dr Yusuf Saifee was one of the few Urologist from India to be selected for advanced training in laparoscopic and Robotic surgeries for Kidney and Prostate Cancers at Renowned, Jikei University Hospital, Japan and Guys Hospital, London.
  • He has presented and published many scientific research papers at various national and international forums.
  • Along with world class surgical experience, Dr Yusuf’s compassionate and caring approach makes him one of the most sought after urologist in India.

Patient Testimonial

Besides academic achievments , at the end what matters for a doctors is patient’s recovery and satisfaction. I Feel blessed and privileged to serve patients and alleviate their sufferings. I want to thank hundreds and thousands of patients who had put faith in me and who have, in their generosity, honored me with their appreciation and love.


Laparoscopic Kidney

Many traditional urologic surgical procedures require large incisions with lengthy hospitalization and recovery. Laparoscopic or keyhole surgery to patients has revolutionized urologic surgery.

Kidney Transplant Surgery

Experience of many challenging kidney transplants successfully – Kidney transplant from brain dead patient(cadveric) Cross(swap) in case of incompatible/sensitised pairs Second transplant after first failed

Endoscopic Stone Surgery

Surgical Excellence in Endoscopic Stone surgery with experience of 1500+ cases. Extensive experience in various challenging scenario like large(25-100 mm) multiple complex stones(Staghorn), stones in small children (<5yrs) and high risk patients

Endoscopic Prostate (TURP)

Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP)-For enlarged prostate(BPH) in elderly men. Here a Endoscope is inserted into the urethra through the penis and inner portion of prostate is shaved away to enable the easy and smooth flow of urine

Success Story

Meet Mr. Shoukat, a 54-year-old cancer survivor.

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Mr. Shoukat

54-year-old cancer survivor from Madhya Pradesh police.

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Mr. Om Prakash

Mr. Jagdish Chandraji Dave, 84-year-old gentleman.

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Mr. Jagdish Chandraji Dave